Life in Norway

Nepal, the landlocked multi-ethnic, multilingual, multi-religious, multi-cultural country, situated north of India in the Himalayas. A landlocked country which is beautifully gifted with natural resources. A country which is known as the home of Himalayas. A country having an area of 147,181 km and almost 30 million population. A country where people learn to love everyone and respect each other for who they are.  Despite being multi-cultural country there is unity and peace between the people living here. Even though having 123 languages everyone understands a common language, a language of humanity and love. People living in this country are very warm and welcoming to everyone. They believe that guests are a form of God. So, in Nepalese culture guest are treated like God.

And now, I am in a country which is equally as beautiful as Nepal but very different as well. A country having a lot of natural beauties. A country having greenery everywhere. A country having an area of 385,252 km2   and 5 million population. A country which Is one of the most developed countries in the world. A country with only one language but a lot of dialect within itself. Being in a country which is totally different from where I was born it is obvious to have some cultural shocks.

Norway is one of the coldest country having a lot of snow in winters. It is mostly cloudy, windy and rain almost all the time. Because of the weather sometimes it is so hard for me to go out and do my works. But I heard a saying that is, “It is not the weather that is bad but it is your clothing”. So I have learned to have proper clothing and enjoy the cold. And in Norway they have snow everywhere in winter but in Nepal we have snow only in the mountainous areas. To be honest I haven’t seen snow like in real. So, I am very excited for snow.

In Norway the culture is that the children’s move out from their parent’s house after they turn 18 or after their high school. And they start living in an apartment or a hostel with their friends. And the government provide education loan for the students. They don’t have to depend on their family for living. The government provide loan for the students which covers education, food and accommodation as well. It Is very nice that the government provides this kind of loan for the student. What I love most about the education system here is that it is more practical then theory basis. The students not only learn but practice them as well.

And the interesting part, Norwegian people love to go hunting. Every year they start hunting in the month of October. I was invited by my contact person to join him for hunting. And it was so fun. We were walking for 8 hours around the forest for hunting. And even kids whose age was between 10-16 joined us for hunting. Not only kids but even elderly people from age 70-75. I was so amazed to see how people of all age group are interested and allowed to join the hunters. It was so nice. We started the hunting at 8 in the morning and ended at 4 in the evening. And the fun part was lunch time. Where everyone gathered together. We start the fire and everyone cooked and warm up their food. We all sat around the fire and ate our lunch together. It was really a nice and wonderful experience for me.

These are some of my experience in Norway till now. And I am really looking forward to experience more about Norway and its culture.

The Journey Begins!!!!!


17th August, 2018 the most awaited day for the Maichas. The day to travel far away from home and to stay away for 10 months all by themselves. They were excited and at the same time nervous about what it would be like to stay away from family and loved ones for so long in new places where people are known for being cold….. 😉 Well, they have been proved wrong for now and hopefully during their stay in Norway.
So, we flew from Kathmandu to Istanbul and then from Istanbul to Oslo and then finally to Kristiansand. When we landed on the airport it was already 9 PM but then again the sun was shining bright as it was midday. First shock for Maichas!!!! Our eyes did not believe it was already 9 Pm and still bright outside and that we have arrived at our home for next 10 months. We could not believe. Just earlier that morning we were with our family, still quarreling  with our brother and now we are many  miles away from them. As we were trying to cope up with these shock, we saw a handsome guy in burgundy sweater, with our name plate, another shock and butterflies to our stomach. We were about to begin our road trip. Konge!!!