The Journey Begins!!!!!


17th August, 2018 the most awaited day for the Maichas. The day to travel far away from home and to stay away for 10 months all by themselves. They were excited and at the same time nervous about what it would be like to stay away from family and loved ones for so long in new places where people are known for being cold….. 😉 Well, they have been proved wrong for now and hopefully during their stay in Norway.
So, we flew from Kathmandu to Istanbul and then from Istanbul to Oslo and then finally to Kristiansand. When we landed on the airport it was already 9 PM but then again the sun was shining bright as it was midday. First shock for Maichas!!!! Our eyes did not believe it was already 9 Pm and still bright outside and that we have arrived at our home for next 10 months. We could not believe. Just earlier that morning we were with our family, still quarreling  with our brother and now we are many  miles away from them. As we were trying to cope up with these shock, we saw a handsome guy in burgundy sweater, with our name plate, another shock and butterflies to our stomach. We were about to begin our road trip. Konge!!!


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